Change your paradigm!

The Universe blindly follows the pattern/paradigm that our subconscious mind keeps firmly as our personal role. To change this pattern, an effort combined with a new model, which will replace the old pattern, is required. This new model of the pattern is a representation of the set goal(s), pushed with emotional will into our subconscious mind. The conclusion is that you are the only one who can do it with your conscious mind that it will serve you. That’s real use of intelligence.


We should be aware that if our subconscious mind is part of the overall system, the Universe (which is the proof that it is), then it cannot change quickly and often because it causes changes within the whole system since it has to be in sync and harmony. Even when our current paradigm was being formed, it took a lot of time during the whole period of our early education. Massive system, the Universe, is slow in changes, which implies that changes in our subconscious mind are also slow, even though the mechanism for perception is very quick.

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