Goran Space speaks about economic and political crises

Times of economic and political crises always call for survival tactics. The messages in this book are predominantly targeting the middle class and everyone who has the capacity to pull themselves up to a higher level of cognition, something that will ultimately result in a higher rung on the ladder of wealth. Wealth is often an indicator of your upgraded mental abilities; you will have a serious impact on the society you live in and your mind will matter. If your wealth is a result of the actions and philosophy taught by the now-popular self-help industry, then your mind will essential in neutralizing negative life forces with positive ones. In the eyes of the world, it is enough if you succeed in it even if it is only on a personal level.

Today’s political system puts immense pressure on the middle classes, to carry the burden of the capitalist system’s successful existence. This class is predominantly made up of knowledgeable hardworking people who earned their comfortable lives by building society’s material wealth; the middle classes carried the Industrial Revolution through several phases and now bear the burden of the information era. If the process of impoverishing the middle classes continues, the whole social class will vanish, causing the practice of capitalism to implode.

More about practical solutions to middle class problems and Goran Spaces’s view on economic and political crises in upcoming book “How to dance with the Universe”.

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