Goran Space’s concept of the mind elasticity


The law of energy states that our energy system reacts with inertia by producing a reaction to any change of a velocity or direction of the move. The law is the same, regardless of whether energy forms substance or life. If you are built of an elastic material, misery will accumulate potential energy for the move, like a spring. You should not be afraid of misery, but rather, you should build elasticity in your mind in order to be ready for it. If you are, you will be able to take a load off and spring from the misery better off than you were before. Going back to the dancing analogy, every change starts with one step back and two steps forward. This fact keeps many people in their comfort zone, when, in fact, they are the ones being left behind.
What does the concept of the elasticity of the mind really mean? It is all about awareness of the life processes that will support your self-esteem and help you deal with your fear. You are the product of your many ingredients, your zodiac sign, and your genetic makeup. Those are all just different points of view on you and your potentials. How well those potentials are used is a different question, because your mind is formed by education and the habits of the society you belong to. You live now with a paradigm, that is, a certain pattern of truths and habits which you accepted as they had been presented to you. By all means, you have the power of mind to add to and modify this pattern. Most importantly, you have an opportunity to use your mind to its full extent with no limits. 
More about Goran Space’s upcoming book “How to dance with the Universe” on http://wls-education.com/

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