This book is not for everyone: if your world is flat, the book will try to convince you that it is round. If you are stubborn in your belief of truths, it likely means that you are not yet ready to step out of that comfort zone. Somewhere down the line, you will read my evidence that truths I believed in ware temporary, some very recently discovered, and some even likely not yet discovered dictate my behavior.

Our biggest advantage, which could be also our disadvantage, is that we are strictly analytical by looking at he world around us and almost mathematically precise when describing what effects us. Many people will find it hard and heavy for reading. However, we found a need to give the world such a view while we couldn’t find it in the literature.

We know that there are only two types of characters, majority of the people that are doing what is considered good and those smaller group that consider good what they do, but they lead the progress of the humanity. This book will give support to everyone who is seeking for own definition of what is good for them. We think that those people naturally belong to the Middle Class.

Today’s political system puts immense pressure on the middle classes, to carry the burden of the capitalist system’s successful existence. This class is predominantly made up of knowledgeable hardworking people who earned their comfortable lives by building society’s material wealth; the middle classes carried the Industrial Revolution through several phases and now bear the burden of the information era. If the process of impoverishing the middle classes continues, the whole social class will vanish, causing the practice of capitalism to implode.

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