Diagram of life energies

On the social market where we all exchange our energies, we appear with a certain available amount of the energy – our ability. Everything depends on the amount of this energy: how interesting we are and ultimately how successful we are. That’s what we are offering in order to get what we need. This very important part of our capacity that is exposed on the social market is just a leftover of our total capacity. In my engineering mind, the best way that I can think to represent this concept is through the lines in diagram below.

Many start to blame the lower line: they have a bad boss or live in the wrong country. They may be right, but it will not change the position of the lower line which they want to push down. This line represents how much of your energy is consumed by your objective problems.
We all can only work to bring up the upper line, to enlarge our capability and so enlarge our leftover capacity, the energy for exchange. This is just another way of saying that you have to learn and make yourself available for new ideas. If the upper line starts moving up, there is a good chance that the lower line will start to go down at the same time.

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