Find one great idea!

Another push for a person to move up is to find one great idea and push it all the way through. But where is this field of ideas that are waiting to be found? Has anyone taught you how to find an idea? I have had a lot of ideas and I didn’t find them any of them; every one of them found me, drawn to me like bees to flowers. 

 So, my advice is to open yourself available to new ideas and wait to grab them and follow their path. If you start this process, then you must also learn to be persistent and to respect the fact that the ideas are coming to you.


We, as carriers of the idea, are only responsible for making them a reality. Our duty is to make ourselves more attractive to ideas. As the knowledge grows, the use of the idea is more effective. Besides the nectar as knowledge, the shape and posture of the flower are also very important in attracting bees. 

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