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September 2, 2013

Goran Space speaks about economic and political crises

Times of economic and political crises always call for survival tactics. The messages in this book are predominantly targeting the middle class and everyone who has the capacity to pull themselves up to a higher level of cognition, something that will ultimately result in a higher rung on the ladder of wealth. Wealth is often an indicator of your upgraded mental abilities; you will have a serious impact on the society you live in and your mind will matter. If your wealth is a result of the actions and philosophy taught by the now-popular self-help industry, then your mind will essential in neutralizing negative life forces with positive ones. In the eyes of the world, it is enough if you succeed in it even if it is only on a personal level.

Today’s political system puts immense pressure on the middle classes, to carry the burden of the capitalist system’s successful existence. This class is predominantly made up of knowledgeable hardworking people who earned their comfortable lives by building society’s material wealth; the middle classes carried the Industrial Revolution through several phases and now bear the burden of the information era. If the process of impoverishing the middle classes continues, the whole social class will vanish, causing the practice of capitalism to implode.

More about practical solutions to middle class problems and Goran Spaces’s view on economic and political crises in upcoming book “How to dance with the Universe”.
August 30, 2013

How to dance with the Universe?

If you came to this blog, it is right time for you to discover the art that will change your life, that will give you practical tools for shaping your life according to your desire! 

It’s time for you to learn “How to dance with the Universe”…

ImageThis blog will bring you discussions and notes made during writing a book between author M.Sci Goran Spase and his associate, Igor A Balgavi, co-author of the book. This will also be a place for presenting various related material such as videos, interesting explanations and discussions, dates of book presentation etc. Let the journey begin…

Let’s dance with the Universe.

“Although, we have a gift to think our results  often are generating our thoughts instead that our  thoughts are dictating our resultIf we teach you to manage your thinking you will  change your believes in such order that for you  every medical treatment will be successful every  business venture will bring more value as well as  every relationship will be more enjoyable.

 It looks easy, but there are so many prejudices  that people do not understand how powerful  dedicated thinking could be in building awareness  where knowledge is not sufficient.
 You will find analytically view on those processes  based on actual life experiences that delivered  many creative solutions.
 The book is accompanied with workbook and so  presents the textbook that will keep your mind  busy for a year.”
 More about incoming book “How to dance with Universe” on

Dear Visitor We are in preparation phase to expose our work to audience and make possible to communicate with our followers. The book is last editing phase and soon will be available. Please stay with us and you will have something new to enjoy. It could easily be the way how you can adopt the most important education about the art of well-being.

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